Finding the Right Research Sponsors

From the browse page, you can look for opportunities by sponsor, subject area, or location.

The By Sponsor page allows you to view all sponsors, along with the number of opportunities, awards, and related publications for each sponsor.

Note that if you click on the number under the Opportunities, Awards or Publications columns, you can view the results for each sponsor.

You can change the sort order by clicking the appropriate column heading.

The award history can provide a good indication of what type of research the funding body is interested in.

This helps you determine if it’s a good match for your research project.

Additionally, the Scopus publications will help you identify peer-reviewed articles related to awarded grants from this sponsor that may support your literature searching.

To share the list of funding bodies, you have the option to select all of the sponsors or check the ones you would like to export.

Let’s take a look at the details for a specific sponsor. Click on the sponsor name.

Initially you will see Awarded grants statistics including a list of the top ten awardee institutions.

For example, since 2004, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor has received the most awards from the National Science Foundation (also called the “NSF”).

You will also find subject area award statistics for this sponsor, giving you a sense of the areas of interest for a particular funding body.

For example, the National Science Foundation has awarded grants in a large variety of subject areas.

The most common subject areas are Engineering and Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Note that each opportunity and award can be assigned up to three subject areas.

Take a look at the bar chart for a quick visual of how many awards given per year.

For the NSF, we see an increase in the number of awarded grants for 2009 and 2010; this is most likely a result in the stimulus funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Click an award number to view the results list for these awards.

Click on the tabs to view other statistics for the sponsor.

For a visual overview of the type of funding opportunities available for this sponsor, click the Opportunities tab.

The Opportunities per quarter shows active and inactive funding opportunities at a glance.

In the pie chart, we see that the NSF is mostly offering Research Grants with a mixture of Cooperative Agreements/ Contracts, Fellowships, and other types.

The Related publications show matches that are created by looking at the awarded grant Principal Investigator, title, and abstract. Then comparing them to Scopus abstract authors, titles and abstracts.

Lastly, if you would like to see the funding body’s mission statement and contact information, click on the Description & contact tab.

Review the sponsor information to determine if the sponsor is a good match for your research interests.

If so, you may want to add this sponsor to your Favorites.

This enables you to easily link back to this information at any time or set up a search alert for new opportunity postings.

For more information about sponsors, see the SciVal Funding online Help.

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