Finding Relevant Opportunities

With SciVal Funding, you can search and find current funding opportunities that are best suited to your research interests.

To improve your success rate, you can also...

To get started, use the search box to run a broad search.

Let’s start with a search for opportunities.

Enter terms related to the type of research you need funding for and click the Search button..

To ensure you are covering all related opportunities, start out with a broad search such as a subject area.

Then narrow it down from the results view.

On the Advanced Search form, you can create more targeted searches.

Here you can limit your search results to only those opportunities which meet your specific criteria, such as eligibility.

Enter the terms or phrases you want to see in the funding opportunity records your search retrieves.

Select the record fields in which the terms must appear.

If you are searching for opportunities from a specific sponsor, begin typing the sponsor’s name and select it from the list.

There are several options to refine your search.

Check any specific areas you want to search from the lists including eligibility.

For example, you can find opportunities posted within the last 2 weeks for new investigators.

Also, those opportunities that have No restrictions specified may be open to international researchers.

Click the Search opportunities button and run the search.

In addition to opportunities, your results include tabs that show the Awarded grants and Inactive opportunities related to your search terms.

You can refine the search results to reduce the number of records to those you are most interested in.

You can refine your search results by selecting criteria such as Sponsor type, Deadline, Award type, Amount, etc, and then limit to these categories or exclude these criteria.

Let’s limit these results to records for research grants.

To print, email, or export the retrieved records, select the records and click the appropriate link.

To track up to 50 records for later viewing, select the records and click Add to favorites.

To save the search or set an alert that notifies you of new search results, click the Save this search or Set alert links.

Note that your favorites, saved searches, and alerts can be accessed from the My Profile page.

To see the details of an opportunity, click on the title.

You can also run an advanced search for the previously awarded grants related to your research interest.

Let’s go to the search form and create a search.

This will help you identify sponsors that may be interested in funding your area of research as well as principal investigators and institutions that are working in your field.

Enter the terms or phrases you want to see in the awarded grants records your search retrieves.

You may also search for a particular awardee name or institution to see which awards this investigator or institution has received.

If you are searching for a specific sponsor, begin typing the sponsor name and select from the list.

You may choose to refine all or some of the specific award information.

For example, you can select a specific amount range and a sponsor country.

To run your search, click the Search awarded grants button.

For more information about searching for opportunities and awarded grants, see the Funding online help.

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